T.S.O came about as a result of an anecdote amongst radio personalities.

It was during the middle of winter 2009, I was tuned in to a famous youth radio station in the Eastern Cape. The hosts of the show started conversing about the cold weather along with its pros and cons, the host who was in a relationship then joked about the pains of being single in freezing weather conditions. This then led to a subsequent subsidiary joke aimed at the other host who was single. However, the bachelor host cheerfully retaliated by announcing to the listeners that he was forming his own political party (in which he was ridiculing Mzansi’s political climate as new political parties were being formed left-right & centre during 2008-2009). Now, this party would be called, Single People’s Organisation (“S.P.O”) in short.

I along with other listeners laughed at the S.P.O idea; I mean, it was hilarious at face value.

It was in 2010 when I decided to turn this S.P.O. joke into something serious, I was single and had just accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour during this period, so being part of S.P.O made so much sense. So, whilst single: I intentionally started seeking God via prayer and reading the Bible all because I wanted to know Him more, this led to our relationship becoming more intimate and stronger as:
  • I learnt more about my identity which is found in God and started living it out gradually.
  • I found out about my God given purpose on earth.
  • I became aware of my flaws, issues and solutions to them, etc.
Also, the following later transpired regarding SPO:
  • S.P.O changed to T.S.O.
  • T.S.O‘s purpose became clearer.
  • T.S.O changed from being a membership-based organisation to an Awareness Campaign.